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Three Women


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When I treat myself with a yin session with Marina, it is a gift that I give to myself. I find myself in a wave of sweetness. I return to the present and to my Essence. I am welcomed by Marina's presence, by her warm voice and the music. I reconnect with my body, I let myself be carried by it. Each yin session is not just a slow down time; it is also a time of escape, of contemplation for more well-being and opening to the world. The presence that Marina gives at each moment, the messages transmitted always take me elsewhere, to discover myself differently and give me an even deeper feeling of existence. So, even if you are used to more invigorating experiences, I invite you to experience yin with multiple benefits! Many thanks Marina for your inventiveness and the quality of your lessons.


I need a moment for myself and it is well spent with you Marina, I am so relaxed after the class, it is amazing ...! I am always looking forward to the next one to discharge all things that do not serve me anymore


Yoga soothes me, it helps me to empty my negative energy.

Evann (13 years old, private vinyasa)

Marina’s sessions have always left me feeling emotionally lighter, more balanced, grounded and closer to myself. Great stress-reliever. Thank you!


Yoga gives me better concentration. I feel muscle tensions loosening, and I really need that to release my stifness My breathing is getteing better I thank Marina who presents the yoga classes wonderfully


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