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Online Yoga


Keep it together while being physically apart

More than ever, developing the wellbeing and engagement of your employees is crucial. More than 24% of employees are feeling already a state of hyperstress at work which could lead to serious illness. Start acting now before it is too late.

Working from Home

Today =
new challenges

  • Physical distancing, working from home and all that comes with lockdown can create feelings of vulnerability, isolation, frustration and anxiety for the future.

  • Freezing, panicking reduces the effectiveness of our immune system, significantly increasing the chances of becoming sick and ultimately increasing costs for employers​


. extreme fatigue

. impossibility to focus

. loss of interest and motivation

. increased tensions within a team

. headaches, muscular tensions, illness

. general anxiety and stress

. sadness, irritability

My solution

- Online group mindful yoga session -

Weekly or biweekly online sessions, accessible to all levels and designed according to your needs and objectives. 

Taking into account: your professional constraints (workload, timeline, priorities ...) and personal

objectives (such as highlight tonicity, solutions to existing situations such as back pain, stress, fatigue as ex ...)

Yoga Pose

30 min session

Short session for
an efficient mental break



For everyone, from everywhere
In English, French

Image by Laura Chouette


To your company needs & objectives
To your schedule & constraints

Online yoga and minfulness for corporate

How it works exactly?

4 simple steps to follow

  1. We understand your needs and objectives

  2. We organize one or two sessions a week tailor-made for you and your employees

  3. All online using zoom: professional set-up but yet, with a cosy and intimate atmosphere

  4. You receive once a month a recorded video to allow your employees to benefit from at it any time

Let Joy will become the new pandemic ...

Why it works

1. Time

Time is precious. 30 min is the perfect break time. No need to change attire.

2. Never boring

These sequences are innovative and always changing in order to surprise you.

3. Accessible to all

If you can breath, you can do this! No previous experience required.

4.  A real (re)connection

Re-connect to your trueself
Re-connect to a community for resilience and vitality


Marina’s 30 mn mindful yoga sessions are great, very energizing and every time different.
After the sessions I really feel more positive and more focused on my job.
I definitely recommend it.

My partners & clients

They tested and approved



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You are looking for solutions to ensure the wellbeing of your employees?

The corporate offer

30 min sessions, frequency depending on your needs
Prices excluding VAT -  max 15 employees per session ideally


120€ per month

Free 30 min trial
2 group sessions a month


220€ per month

​4 sessions per month

1 recurrent weekly session


420€ per month

8 sessions a month
2 recurrent weekly sessions

Your benefits

Needed more than ever for your employees

  • Reduced stress

  • Limited pains created by static postures behind screens

  • Prevented sick-leave due to burn-out or pain

  • Mental and physical flexibility development

  • Increased focus

  • Energy & emotions balanced

  • Teams empowered

  • Positive energy & light

Yoga Stretches
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