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Freeze Mode,: what is this?

Freeze mode: what is this?

👀 A bit of anatomy first: the fight, flight, or freeze mode refers to involuntary physiological changes that happen in the body and mind when a person feels threatened. This response exists to keep humans safe, preparing them to face, escape, or hide from danger.

However, we can experience this response whether the danger is real or not, which can lead to this response activating in situations where it is not necessary. A threat does not have defined specifics and is very personal.

👀A threat can also be felt at work as in:

  • a deadline to deliver a document,

  • performing during an important meeting,

  • over working to sustain the lack of staff

  • planning and delegating various responsibilities and tasks

👀When the freeze response (or mode) is activated we mentally can not react, can not think clearly, are not able to see a way out, can not take a decision…

Physically, we are immobile and inside the cortisol and adrenaline levels are going sky high…

When the threat disappears then the rest and digest mode of the nervous system kicks in again to come back to ground level called homeostasis.

👀But when your brain starts to perceive everything in your work (and in your life) as a threat, then your body and mind can not find a way back to homeostasis until the ultimate state is reached: a burn-out.

But the good news is, we can learn easy healthy habits to reset our brain on a regular basis to avoid burn out by using a simple method called SWEEP based on research, my own experience and scientifically proven recharging practices.

Learn more in the SWEEP my burn out tab of this website to live life fully, balance your work/life ratio and find this smile back on your face.

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